Getting “aROUND TUIT”

We all have those tasks or activities that we put off doing for later. Constantly saying to ourselves, “I’ll get around to doing that later.” We consistently procrastinate on the things that don’t give us immediate satisfaction. For some people it is exercising, giving up smoking, or even going to the grocery store. For me, it has been setting forth time to write this blog! Not because it is difficult. Not because I don’t think it is a good idea. Just plain and simple, I just didn’t know where to start and told myself that I’d get around to doing it later.
Growing up, I spent the majority of every summer at my grandparent’s cottage in Michigan. My mom is an only child and I am the only grandchild on her side. Needless to say when it came to my grandparents I was slightly spoiled. When June rolled around and school was out I was immediately on a plane with my grandparents to Michigan. As a little girl, my grandpa would buy math workbooks and give me spelling quizzes daily before I was allowed to go outside and play. I remember the metallic stars when I would get all of the questions right and I knew that meant it was time to run and jump in the lake and go play with my friends. At the age of 6, getting that gold star meant that I go to go and have fun right then and there was ZERO procrastination involved. Like all things, the older we become the more responsibility we take on and when I hit my teenage years, I was no longer responsible to do a page of math every, I had chores to do. At the age of 13, this was not good. I wanted to sleep until noon, not get up and clean the garage or take the trash out. Daily my grandparents would ask “did you do ________?” My response would be “Oh, in a minute, I’ll get around to it.” I can only imagine the how frustrating both of them felt. Each summer, there was a lake wide garage sale. My job was to go through the garage and bring stuff down to sell. I didn’t do it. I remember my grandmother being infuriated with me and she left me at home while she went garage sailing. That afternoon, she came back and through this brown bag on the counter at me. I opened it and pulled out this round disc and embroidered on the front was TUIT. Confused, I gave her a blank stare and she told me to flip this round circle over and read the attached note. I flipped it over and there was a tiny folded note that read….

Round tuit

I look back on this memory and I can only imagine the frustration both of them felt. This little aROUND TUIT applies to so many things in daily life both personally and in business. Professionally, when I am working with my team members, I feel that same frustration when things don’t get done. I have run this as a meeting a handful of times when I feel my team could use a quick kick in the butt or when the office needs a dose of accountability. Personally, when I don’t want to sit down and balance finances, or take my car to be serviced, my grandmother will pop into my head and I will tell myself that it is time to get aROUND TUIT. We all have those things we love to put aside, but there is no better time than now to get those things done. The feeling you have when you get the little things out of the way is great. I have put this blog off and now that it is done, I feel accomplished and motivated. I am happy with myself and I feel proud that it is done. The time spent writing this has been a learning experience. Whatever you have been putting aside or saying that you will start soon, it is time to get aROUND TUIT!

– Jen Hemelgarn