Q.  Does “direct marketing” mean door to door sales or telemarketing?
A.  For most companies it does, but for Choice Marketing Concepts, we do not conduct any door to door sales or telemarketing.  We work with local businesses and business owners.

Q.  Do you have any part time or internships available?
A.  We do not offer any part time positions.  However, we do offer summer and fall internships.  To see availability, call our office at 813-289-6111

Q.  I read online that sales positions at the entry level are commission.  Is this true for Choice Marketing Concepts?
A.  No.  Choice Marketing Concepts works with multiple clients and offers several compensation packages.  These are determined on a case by case basis with our managers.

Q.  Can I advance at Choice Marketing Concepts?
A.  Yes.  We believe in growth and advancement.  However, we believe that in order to understand our unique business in all of its’ aspects, one must start at the entry level.  This position can lead very quickly into other roles within the firm.

Q.  What will I be responsible for as an Account Manager?
A.  Account Managers are responsible for promotional sales and marketing, customer acquisitions and retention, and brand awareness for our clients.  Successful Account Managers are also responsible for employee training, development, running meetings, and new recruits.


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