What Kind of Impact Are You Creating?

We learn in science class that every action has a reaction or an impact. What kind of impact are you having on your business and employees? We should also recognize other places of impact, such as customers and partners. Every choice we make has a reaction or impact on the company from the top all the way to the bottom. Highly effective managers are able to recognize how each action they take can have a positive or negative impact. For example, providing one on one support for new employees is an action that can have great positive impact. On the other hand, hiring someone and then forgetting about training can cause a negative reaction. This can hurt the employee and cause others to second guess their leadership’s integrity and spiral downward.

Great leaders and managers recognize these small actions that can create great impact. Not only by what is said, but the way one acts. They don’t just say these are the actions we are taking and never do them. The old adage still begs true today, “Actions speak louder than words.” People recognize when you are acting to ensure positive impact. People are also looking to see if those actions align with the words that you are speaking. Being under a lens like this can be difficult. Every moment has a choice…how will you choose?


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